Colour Vs. Neutrals

Colour or neutral palettes – both can look amazing. Check out the image collections we have included below.

More and more couples are choosing to use a burst of colour for their weddings. And not just one colour, but a rainbow collection. This can look very effective (especially in your photos) and really sets the mood for a celebration!

We found this post on about neutral palettes and think they have explained it perfectly. You an also check out some more of their ideas here“Although splashes of colour are eye-catching and vibrant, nothing says dreamy like a soft, muted wedding colour palette of neutrals. Peaceful and classic, shades of beige, ivory, white, and the like repeatedly stand the test of time. And the best part about this natural and unfussy look? It can fit the mould of any wedding style, especially when you take advantage of the different textures you can play with.”



A timeless look of creams, beiges, and everything in between will never go out of style.


Branell Homestead has sourced all of the images from a range of websites online.