Ceremony by the Jetty

The jetty area in front of our Wedding Pavilion is a popular location that couples choose to use for their wedding ceremony. We have included a couple of photos to show you a couple of different ways couples have styled and set up their ceremonies.

If you choose to have your wedding ceremony on the property we provide you with 20 white Americana chairs, or you may like to come up with your own idea. You are also able to use our red carpet if this tickles your fancy!

You can book an appointment to view the property and meet with one of our event specialists. Head to our website and click on the ‘Book an Appointment’ button in the top right.

Photographer: Angelic Studio

Photographer: Angelic Studio


Kath Scott Photography

Mitch&Kate_Photo from Carve it up catering

Photo supplied from Carve It Up Catering of Mitch and Kate’s Ceremony


Daniel and Fiona dropped the jetty entrance with fabric which looked very effective

My Lense Photography

My Lense Photography


Melly S Photography