Year of the Green

It turns out that 2017 just might be the year of the green!

Pantone have just revealed their colour of the year for 2017—Greenery—a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade symbolising new beginnings, spring when natures greens revive, restore and renew. It also gives the perception of being inherently good for you and organic. A life-affirming shade, Greenery is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.

You can read more about Greenery here on the Pantone website.


Emerald, Olive

Green: The colour of harmony and balance. Green in your life can also represent a new state of balance and hope, renewal and peace. People who like green are also relaxed, compassionate and loyal and can tend to be quite frank, sociable and modest. Green can also represent a refined personality, and those who are inventive, unique and flexible.

  • Dark green: Associated with ambition, greed, and money.
  • Yellow-green can indicate sickness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy.
  • Olive green is the traditional color of peace.

(We have found the above points information on a great website called Bride Online.)


Branell Homestead has sourced all of the images from a range of websites online.

The Power of Colour

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to focus on colour. Each post will introduce a new colour scheme and include a storyboard of examples for inspiration.

The colours you choose for your wedding are often a reflection of your personality. Some couples also choose colours based on the type of wedding they are planning (i.e.: a black tie event), or the time of year they are getting married. Using colour is something you do not need to be afraid of. There is no need to plaster everything with the one colour. An overall scheme is usually developed with a selection of colours that compliment each other.

Colour can be used to manipulate the way the eye perceives space. Warm colours (red, orange, yellow) come toward the eye and make a space appear smaller and cozy, while cool colours make a space appear larger and airier.

There are many superstitions out there about particular colours to avoid, but our best advice is to select colours you love and that mean something to you both. You can’t go wrong!

Ruby, Maroon, Light Red

The symbol of power, passion and love – red is a bold colour choice for your wedding. It can be very effective when used subtly and create a burst of energy in your photos. We have found the below information on a great website called Bride Online.

  • Red: The colour of strength, health, and vitality. Red can also be symbolic of an increased enthusiasm or interest, confidence to pursue your dreams, and can symbolise power and passion. Red is often the colour chosen by someone outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive. People who love red are also often optimistic and open-natured.
  • Red-orange: Desire, sexual passion, pleasure, and a thirst for action.
  • Dark red: Longing, courage, willpower, vigour.
  • Light red: Love, sexuality, joy, passion, sensitivity

Branell Homestead has sourced all of the images from a range of websites online.


Ceremony by the Jetty

The jetty area in front of our Wedding Pavilion is a popular location that couples choose to use for their wedding ceremony. We have included a couple of photos to show you a couple of different ways couples have styled and set up their ceremonies.

If you choose to have your wedding ceremony on the property we provide you with 20 white Americana chairs, or you may like to come up with your own idea. You are also able to use our red carpet if this tickles your fancy!

You can book an appointment to view the property and meet with one of our event specialists. Head to our website and click on the ‘Book an Appointment’ button in the top right.

Photographer: Angelic Studio

Photographer: Angelic Studio


Kath Scott Photography

Mitch&Kate_Photo from Carve it up catering

Photo supplied from Carve It Up Catering of Mitch and Kate’s Ceremony


Daniel and Fiona dropped the jetty entrance with fabric which looked very effective

My Lense Photography

My Lense Photography


Melly S Photography

The Styled Group – Creating Inspired Settings

When sitting down to start planning your event, you want to find innovative styling that suits your personality and the venue. You want to wow your guests by creating an unforgettable and inspired atmosphere. The problem is that most of us don’t know where to start. Trends quickly evolve and what better way to stay up to date with what the cool kids are doing, than ask the experts.

It is rare that you find a company that can take care of everything, but even more rare to find high quality service, exclusive products and attention to detail all in the one place. Introducing The Styled Group.

Brisbane based industry leaders Styled Events have recently acquired two new companies – Amini Concepts and Epic Empire. Now operating under the parent brand The Styled Group, all three companies offer an all encompassing experience in event styling, visual merchandise and furniture hire to the events, retail, property and creative industries. The team are all experts in their respective fields, providing you with the insider information of what is up and coming in the wedding and event scene.

As well as being on the pulse with the latest trends, The Styled Group are creating some of their own. They recently launched their brand new Serpentine table – an innovative take on traditional event seating. The length of the table can be customised to suit the number of guests and size of your venue and is now available for hire from Epic Empire.

“The curved design enabled you to see everyone sitting along the length of the table and made it easier to talk to more people across from you” – Catherine, Head Stylist.


We have also included some other examples of creations from The Styled Group. They are sure to inspire you. We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Styled Events and we can guarantee you will be impressed. For all enquiries, get in contact with the specialist team and start planning your event today!


All images sourced from The Styled Group, Styled Events, Amini Concepts and Epic Empire Facebook pages. Photographers have been credited on these respective pages.

For Hire

Did you know that Branell Homestead has hire gear you can take advantage of for your event?
We have listed all of the items we currently hire below and can provide pricing and further information on request. The great thing about hiring this gear from us is that you don’t need to worry about transporting them to the venue – we have it covered for you!


Featuring our 2.4m rectangular tables and Americana chairs – Photography courtesy of Sunlit Studios

We have a variety of tables which can be configured in different ways in the Pavilion. We can also provide you with sample seating plans to give you a starting point. Our rectangular tables are often used for tea and coffee, as a bar, buffet or present table.

  • 1.8m rectangular tables: A single table seats 6-8 guests, or you can join two tables to seat 12-14 guests.
  • 2.4m rectangular tables: A single table seats 8-10 guests, or you can join two tables to seat 16-18 guests.
  • 1.8m round tables: Round tables take up more room than rectangular tables. Each round table seats 10 guests comfortably.
  • Smaller cake/wishing well tables.

We have 130 white Americana chairs available for hire, which are suitable for your ceremony and/or reception. These simple white folding chairs can be used to compliment your wedding as they are, or you could add sashes, flowers or decorations. The photos below all feature Branell Homestead – {left} ceremony on the lawn near the homestead; {middle} photographer: Byron Loves Fawn; {right} photographer: Tall Timber Studio.


It can get pretty chilly in the Lockyer Valley during the cooler months, so you may need to consider having some gas heaters to keep your guests comfortable. We have two types of gas heaters available. They come with a full gas bottle, ready for you to simply light up.

We have white linen tablecloths to fit all of the different tables, as well as serviettes. The crisp white tablecloths are versatile and work well with any colour scheme.

We also have some vintage signs (featured below), a bubble machine, a big esky and three high chairs.


You are not required to use our hire gear. If you are after a different style of chair, there are a variety of hire companies in the area. However make sure you take into account the delivery fee. You may even be able to borrow some chairs from your local community group or church. You are welcome to bring them along in a trailer or truck to save some money. We have even had couples set up the entire Pavilion as an antique kind of lounge room, with rugs and old fashioned furniture. We are very flexible and are happy for you to set up your wedding the way you have always dreamed it would be.


Pleased to be Seated

“If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it” –Robert De Niro

Depending on the style of your wedding, chairs can add flavour and personality to your styling. They aren’t simply somewhere to sit, but more a way to make a statement, add elegance or create contrast.


These simple white folding chairs can be used to compliment your wedding as they are, or with sashes, flowers and decorations. Branell Homestead has these chairs for hire. You can organise this with the venue when booking your wedding. The photos below all feature Branell Homestead – {left} ceremony on the lawn near the homestead; {middle} photographer: Byron Loves Fawn; {right} photographer: Tall Timber Studio.


The tiffany chair is a favourite. In a classic 18th century style, the elegant sculptured frame is a sophisticated choice. There are a variety of finishes to choose from including gloss, distressed and matt. There are also a number of colours, as well as the crystal tiffany which has a transparent finish.


A nice alternative to the more formal seating options. You can even make these yourself!


Becoming more and more popular, a vintage style can be incorporated in to your event in a number of ways.


There is no one that does styling better than Brisbane based company Styled Events. We had to share this image from one of their photoshoots titled vintage. You can check out more of their inspirational work in their website gallery.


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