The best things in life are sweet

We are very excited to tell you about a local Laidley business who may come in handy for your wedding at Branell Homestead. Baked by Brooke creates delicious masterpieces, with each cake individually designed. One thing we admire is that all of the ingredients are locally sourced and the batter is made from scratch (not a packet mix in sight)! We have been lucky enough to steal a few moments with Brooke to find out more about her business. She has also offered some great tips when choosing your wedding cake, so grab a cuppa (or an ice cold drink in this weather!) and have a read below…



Tell us a little about your business… Baked By Brooke is my home-based business, baking all things sweet, decadent and delicious! I truly enjoy turning the simplest of ingredients into something that makes you say “mmm, yum”, before you know the words have even come out of your mouth. My specialties are mudcakes and cupcakes, made using good old-fashioned recipes – some of which have been in my family for years. I bake with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and the eggs I use come from the happiest, most free-range chickens you will ever find, from a farm close by in Gatton.

When did you decide cakes were your passion? Baking is something I enjoyed from the time I was old enough to lick the beaters in my Mum’s kitchen! Growing up, there would always be home baked afternoon teas waiting for my siblings and I after school. Mum taught me how to bake in primary school and I’ve adored it ever since! I first tried making a decorative cake when I had no idea what to get my (now) husband for his birthday years ago. He is a photographer, so I made him a cake in the shape of a camera. My “trial” cake worked so well that he got his cake a week early!

What distinguishes you from your competitors? I’ve often been complimented on my cakes not only looking great, but tasting great as well. I’ve heard so many disappointing stories of cakes for special occasions that looked amazing, but were dry or bland to eat, and left on the plate. All my cakes, and buttercreams are made from scratch. Packet mixes and pre-mixes would be quicker, but they taste nothing like the real thing!

Favourite flavour? I have to admit I like cake mixture more than baked cake! It’s a little hard to give out scoops of cake batter at a party though, so when I’m selecting a flavour for my own celebration cakes, I go for cookie dough cheesecake or a mocha mudcake.

A favourite or funny memory from a previous event/client? I recently created a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for a gorgeous little boy’s first birthday. The cake took hours and hours of crafting and assembly and I was really happy with how he looked. I was sent some party photos of the cake after the event… in the final photo there had been a train wreck and Thomas’ face had been bitten off completely by the birthday boy’s older sister! At least I know Thomas was enjoyed 🙂

What advice would you give couple when thinking about a cake for their wedding? Firstly “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”. There are some stunning cakes that look smooth, elegant and classy, that are decorated with fondant icing (that’s the smooth icing you see on many wedding cakes), but do you like the taste of it? Many couples and their guests peel it off and eat just the cake – so why pay for something that you won’t eat?! Consider other styles and designs, too. Secondly, think about how your cake will be transported and stored leading up to your event or wedding. It only takes minutes in a warm car or room for a cake to become a hot mess, so plan ahead and crank the air-con in advance! Finally, I won’t use the line that the secret ingredient in a good cake is love, but you can tell when a cake maker loves what they do, and this shines through in the taste, texture and appearance of your cake.

Now don’t you wish you had a piece of one of Brooke’s cakes to go with your cup of tea! You can contact Brooke via her Facebook page or email. If you want to taste test some of her creations, she has a cupcake stall at the Laidley markets every Friday.


Something for Catering


Something for Catering is a Sunshine Coast based business who are taking the event scene by storm. We have been lucky enough to steal a moment with owner/manager Brent Colautti, to tell us a little more about the stylish packages they have to offer.


Tell us a little about your business:
Something for Catering was born when a group of long time school friends and passionate hospitality professionals came back home to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to create a unique events concept.  We consistently strive to design and offer a range of innovative, beautiful, seasonal and sustainable local food and beverage options. Our catering van which is a 22 ft commercial kitchen and bar, was hand made by ourselves with the intention of bringing restaurant quaility food and beverage to any wedding or event in one stylish, no fuss package.

The team:
Our small, hands-on team includes an events specialist, chef, sommelier and front of house professionals. We work closely with our clients, dedicated to providing a personalised experience.

Cass Wedding 3


When did you decide food and events were your passion?
We all travelled to different parts of the world as soon as we left school and as most people do when they travel, grab whatever job you can. We all, at different times, found ourselves in hospitality and from there on in never looked back. Our events passion started back at home when we returned and had nothing to do. We would always get together with local musicians and operaters to create pop up parties at venues or even car parks. We now run the bar operations for some of the largest festivals in South East Queensland.

What distinguishes you from your competitors:
Definitely our van! It looks so much better than a tent with cooking equipment and it’s self sufficient. We go beyond traditional catering services, using our diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience to provide a unique and memorable occasion for you.

Savoury or sweet:
Savoury but if you through a packet of lollies in front of us at a meeting they would go in seconds!

What is your all time favourite food/dish:
My favourite dish over summer was slow cooked pork belly with watermelon, asian street salad and salsa verde.

A favourite memory from a previous event:
The groom was in the middle of his speech and then all of a sudden pulls out a trumpet and signals to the band behind him to start playing. The groom played the most amazing song walking through the crowd until he found his wife, dipped her and kissed her. As you can imagine all 150 guests went crazy!

What is one piece of advice you would give couples when thinking about catering for their wedding:
Shop around, look for quality and ask a lot of questions. I would also always decrease the guest count and up the spend on food and booze.

Photo 1

suzi wedding 6

Photo 2

Platter Rohrig

If you are interested in using the expertise of the Something for Catering team for your upcoming wedding, you can get in touch with them via their website, email, Facebook or Instagram (@somethingforcatering).

See You Next Thursday


Are you looking for a caterer for your wedding or event? Look no further than the team at See You Next Thursday.
Not only do they have a funky name, but their food looks AMAZING!


After drooling over their website for quite some time, some of the things we think are pretty cool about their business are:
  • You can personalise a menu to suit your occasion and taste.
  • If you just want a cool retro caravan to use as your bar, cafe or to serve food from, you can hire Bruce!
  • You only need to look at the specialities list to know you are in for a culinary treat. You had us at injectable donuts and cronuts… and it’s the first on the list!
  • They offer a wide range of services from catering to high teas, picnic baskets and homemade baking. The homemade baking options will definitely impress anyone who is lucky enough to have a taste.

I am guessing that your mouth is now watering. Before you race off and check out their website, we have been lucky enough to have Chelsea and Tipene take the time to answer some questions about their business, what they do, what they like and what they are good at. There are also some handy tips if you are about to start planning catering for your wedding.

Tell us a little about your business:
Here at See You Next Thursday Catering, we specialise in high end, refined canapés. Our aim is to provide a high quality service with a top quality product. We love catering to our clients specific requests to ensure their special day is perfect and exactly what they hoped for. With other services, from Wedding Breakfasts, High Teas, Dessert Tables, Personalised Picnic Baskets, to specialties like our Teppanyaki Ice Cream and Retro Caravan Hire, we are here to cater to your every need!



Where did your name come from:
There is a little story behind our name, (take the innuendo as you wish haha). Every Thursday night, was our designated night to cook for the family, and everyone loved the food so much, they always used to look forward to Thursday nights. So it began… ‘See You Next Thursday’!

When did you decide food was your passion
We have both been in the hospitality industry for many years, with Tipene working as a chef, and Chelsea as a barista. We have always had a passion for good food, and have always enjoyed trying different dishes, and of course creating our own masterpieces. Last year we decided it was time to take our passion for food to the next level, start our own business, and share our passion and creative flair with the world!

What distinguishes you from your competitors:
We believe that food is like fashion, it is forever evolving. Therefore we are always searching for new ideas, creations and ways of serving our food. First and foremost, every meal is devoured by the eyes before it even hits the palette, so we love to make sure our food not only tastes good, but looks beautiful too! We love to travel and we pick up new little things, that we then incorporate into our own style of cooking. We have just recently returned from spending two months abroad, travelling through Europe, where we were able to taste many delicacies and come home with some interesting new techniques! We pride ourselves in having great service, and making sure our clients needs are met, to ensure their day is stress free and done to perfection.



Savoury or Sweet:
There are major perks to both savoury and sweet food, and we definitely love them both! Although Tipene is more of a savoury guy, especially when it comes to proteins, where as Chelsea loves to bake and create gorgeous sweet treats. We think it’s a perfect match!

What is your all time favourite food/dish:
It’s way too hard for us to choose an all time favourite dish, but one of our favourite cuisines is definitely Mexican. We love the flavours, colours and definitely aren’t opposed to a little bit (or a lot) of chilli!!

What is one piece of advice you would give couples when thinking about catering for their wedding:
We have a couple of pieces of advice for couples when thinking about catering for their wedding.

Firstly, we would definitely encourage couples to not only to think about the main meal, but to also think about feeding themselves before the ceremony – may that be breakfast or lunch! So many couples have every little detail of their wedding organised, but completely forget to make sure they have breakfast on the morning of. We know one bride, that completely forgot about this and was left rushing down to McDonalds to grab a bite to eat! It’s your special day, you want to make sure every little thing is perfect, so make sure you enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal before your ceremony, you will feel all the better for it. No one wants a hungry bride or groom!

Secondly, take into consideration not only yourselves and your nearest and dearest, but also all of the other guests you have invited. You may absolutely love seafood, but just remember, not everyones tastes are the same! We catered a wedding not so long ago, where we were serving entree canapes and they had another caterer in doing a Paella to be served as the main meal. As there was only a seafood option and many of the guests didn’t eat seafood, the only thing they could eat were our canapés, so they got devoured very quickly! Some guests were left a bit disappointed and also hungry! At the end of the day it is YOUR wedding, but do try to consider everyone when deciding on your catering options.

Let’s talk:
You can get in contact with See You Next Thursday via their website and all of the social media sites the cool kids use these days – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


Canapé Cookbook


It’s time to dust off your chef hat and get cooking!
We received so many delicious recipe entries for our Luxury Cabin competition, we wanted to share them with you. We have created a digital cookbook to give you some inspired canapé ideas you could make for your next event. The recipes all showcase fresh ingredients and include simple step by step instructions.

To view the cookbook, simply click on the link below:
Branell Homestead Canapé Cookbook

We would like to thank all of the entrants who took the time to make these dishes. Happy cooking!