Our piece of paradise

Recently we were lucky to have the very talented Dallas Love Photography at Branell Homestead to photograph a wedding. This was the first time Dallas had been to our property and we were overjoyed with her instant love of our piece of paradise. We were also blown away by the photos she captured of Jorjee and Alex’s wedding. Dallas has since been back to Branell for a relaxing stay with her husband and we were very fortunate that she wanted to explore Branell further and take some more photos! Here are some of our favourites of the Homestead and views over the property. Stay tuned for more images to come…

A note from Dallas –

My husband and I spent three days soaking in the sun at Branell Homestead and snapping photos around the property to share with you! Each of these days ended watching the sunset either on the jetty, Homestead veranda, or hillside cabin with the bird’s eye view of the valley. We even caught a full moon rise over the cabins, which was pretty spectacular.

Branell offers hillside cabins and Homestead Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Both are new builds and are bathed in light from dawn to dusk. However, both are quite different. The cabins are styled in a cozy modern fashion, while the Homestead has a wonderful vintage feel.

We were thrilled to stay in the Homestead for our visit to Branell – just our style… with genuine Aussie heritage and filled with antiques but also includes all the modern conveniences such as a home theatre. In the mornings and evenings we always found ourselves sitting out on the verandah, staring out over the landscape with the resident cheeky magpie.

I’m relatively new to Australia (immigrated from America as I married an Aussie) so I’ve been on a path of discovery and uncovering Queensland’s gems. I fell in love with Branell the moment I drove down the winding white fenced driveway and saw the rolling hills leading into the valley. I had yet to even see the reflection pond and jetty (I had to look up Aussie word for dock LOL!) or just how vast the hillside view would become once I reached the Homestead.

For a wedding, Branell is a one-stop shop for a variety of portrait settings. The old hay shed has a romantic rustic appeal – especially at sunset with newlyweds in around the hay… The surrounding mature trees (with swing) are also beautiful. There is no escaping those rolling hillsides at sunset though! As a wedding photographer, the hardest part is choosing between photographing the couple on the jetty, mango grove hillside with reflection pond view, the large tree in the field with waving grass or that romantic hay shed! I am looking forward to coming back and sharing some of the new amazing spots we’ve found with another bride and groom.

To see our last wedding at Branell visit: http://dallaslovephotography.com/?p=16563

Luxury Cabin Accommodation


As you drive up the hill to Branell Homestead you will be able to see our three Nova Deco Luxury Cabins perched on the side of the hill. Each cabin offers unobstructed views over the Lockyer Valley which you can enjoy from your private deck. The sunsets are also pretty special. The cabins are all self sufficient with a full kitchen, living, dining, two bathrooms and laundry.


Each suite is private, but the main areas are shared. We have included a floor plan below so you can get an idea of their setup. They have a similar layout to a house and could be your new home away from home…

The suites can be booked individually, or you could take the whole cabin – the choice is yours. They are great for additional guest accommodation if you are getting married at Branell, because they are so close to the venue but far enough away for privacy.

You can find out more information about each suite by clicking the links below. We also have some virtual tours of each of the rooms so make sure you check them out.

> Premium Suite
> Deluxe Suite
> Standard Suite
> Cabin Features

For all bookings and enquiries please give us a call on 07 5465 1788 or email. You can also make a booking directly from our website.



Summer Blooms

Summer weddings at Branell are pretty special. Thanks to some recent storms, everything is out in flower and the grass is beautiful and green. It was such a perfect summer morning a couple of weeks ago, that we couldn’t help but snap a few shots to share. Believe it or not the colours have not been ‘photoshopped’ in any way – these are straight from the camera!

Our favourite feature at the moment is our big poinsettia tree, which is currently in full bloom. The fiery red flowers contrast against the green leaves and blue sky, making it the perfect backdrop for ceremonies and a feature for your wedding photos.

If you have recently been married or have stayed at Branell and have some great photos with our poinsettia tree in flower, please send them in to us via Facebook or email. We would love to share them with our Facebook community in coming weeks.















Lighting up the Dark

The photos don’t stop when the sun goes down, and neither does the fun! We receive some fantastic night time photos of our Pavilion area, and wanted to share a selection with you. We never get over how unique each image is. It is amazing how the colours and sky look so different. And do we need to mention the reflections…WOW!


Wendy Maley Photography

Wendy Maley Photography


Right Image Photography


Branell Homestead Pavilion by night

Sunlit Studios

Sunlit Studios


Shirley Jensen Photography

Wendy Maley Photography

Wendy Maley Photography

Kath Scott Photography

Kath Scott Photography

Photography by Sunlit Studios - www.sunlitstudios.com.au

Sunlit Studios


Branell Homestead Pavilion by night

Wendy Maley Photography

Wendy Maley Photography

Sunset Snaps

One thing we can say about Branell Homestead, is that we definitely have some great vantage points to capture the sunset. A newly married couple gazing lovingly into each others eyes, stealing a sneaky kiss with a stunning Lockyer Valley sunset in the background…ahhh, how romantic!

We have included some examples of photos below from a variety of photographers. Popular spots include our jetty, on the main driveway, walking through the mango trees and the lawn in front of the Homestead which has an elevated view over the Lockyer Valley. Some couples also take advantage of the cabins which are located at the top of the hill and overlook the whole property. The colours in these photographs are amazing!

With the warmer months ahead, sunset ceremonies and photo shoots are popular. Make sure your photographer has scouted out the property to capture the perfect spot to snap your first sunset together as a married couple.


Tall Timber Studio

Sunlit Studios

Sunlit Studios

Sunlit Studios

Sunlit Studios

Richard Faulks Photography

Richard Faulks Photography

MellyS Photography {left} and Voice Photography {right}

MellyS Photography {left} and Voice Photography {right}

Sunlit Studios

Sunlit Studios

RNC Photography

RNC Photography

Cabin Construction: Part 2

More supplies arrived, more building is accomplished and the finer details completed.

Stage 4: Preparation for the roof
Scaffolding arrives so that the three roof structures can be constructed. All of the timber needed to be sanded and painted before the construction could begin. Troy and Dad worked endlessly getting everything prepared.


Stage 5: The roof construction begins
The roof work is definitely not for the faint hearted, but the view is breath-taking.


Stage 6: The finishing touches
The roof sheeting is fixed in to place, the fencing goes up, the walkways to each of the cabins are completed, the gardens are planted and the insides are fitted out with modern and contemporary furnishings. Troy is the style guru when it comes to interior design!


We hope you enjoyed the photo gallery of our cabin construction story. We love to hear what you think of the cabins. Make sure you keep an eye out for the launch of our Facebook competition. You could win yourself the amazing prize of coming to stay in one of our luxury cabins!



Cabin Construction: Part 1

What a journey we have been on to get our cabins constructed and all of the fine details perfected. Over two weeks, we wanted to show you the different stages of labour and love that went in to the construction of the accommodation and the people that helped us along the way.

nova_dekoWe sourced our cabins from Nova Deko, who make an exclusive range of stylish, contemporary prefabricated modular homes (also called container homes or transportable homes). The team at Nova Deko have been wonderful to deal with and have far exceeded our expectations. The company aims to be at the forefront in housing technology and is committed to achieving affordable, sustainable housing. They are currently working with UNSW to develop new housing technologies to reduce their carbon footprint. The ultimate goal is to produce a fully sustainable home that doesn’t need to be connected to any external services such as power, water or sewerage. This collaboration will cement Nova Deko’s position as leaders in their industry and allow them to bring their customers the most advanced, environmentally sustainable products in the world.

Stage 1: Preparing the land
We love this photo – our little boy Hayden, looking out over the view while standing on the edge of the crane pad for the new cabins.


Stage 2: Nova Deko cabins arrive
It took just one day for the crane to move all three of our new three bedroom accommodation homes on to their posts. The electrical work began and the timber arrived for construction. A total of 220 metres of electrical cable was laid.

Stage 3: The deck begins to take shape
Troy and a supportive team of family and friends built all of the decks and external awnings. What a view Troy had while he worked on the decks – not a bad office! The sandstone also arrived for the driveway, garden edging and entrances to each cabin.


Stay tuned for the second part of the story next week. Make sure you keep an eye out for the launch of our Facebook competition. You could win yourself the amazing prize of coming to stay in one of our luxury cabins!