Light lingo

Are you puzzled by all of the wedding lingo everyone is throwing at you? It sure can be daunting when you start planning your day. To get you on your way, we have put together some examples of the different types of lighting you could consider.

Nothing sets the mood and ambience for your wedding quite like lighting. Whether it is some twinkling fairy lights, a luxurious chandelier or naked candle flames, lighting can become one of the most important features to turn your space into something unique.

The selection of the photographs below are only a small sample of what you can achieve. A couple of these images are from previous weddings at Branell, but most have been sourced online to give you an overall snapshot.

At Branell, we will work with you to ensure that you achieve your ultimate style. The only thing we ask when you are hanging your lighting is that you do not hammer anything into our walls. Fishing line, clear cable ties and the transparent 3M hooks are very popular methods. One other thing to be mindful of is the type of bulb – make sure you look for a supplier that offers LED bulbs because these use hardly any power at all.

Fairy lights – Whether they are hanging from the ceiling, a tree, in mason jars or are used to create an indoor or outdoor canopy of stars – everyone loves a good display of twinkling fairy lights.


Festoon Lighting – this can also be referred to as globe strings. Giving a retro feel, this style of lighting is fast becoming the most popular with couples. It is versatile and can be draped, twisted or hung vertically.


Lanterns – A fun and effective way to set the mood. Lanterns come in a number of sizes and shapes and are very light, so they are easy to hang. Don’t think you are limited to white/warm yellow, try adding small bursts of colour.



Table Centrepieces – A personal touch. Table lanterns, clusters of candles, tea lights and jars – your options are limitless. You could also look at creating these yourself.


We hope this has helped to get you started! Happy planning 🙂