Our other piece of paradise (on the hill)

We are very excited to share some more of the photos that photographer Dallas Moy captured on her recent stay at Branell Homestead – this time of the luxury cabins and the spectacular view they offer over the Lockyer Valley.

Dallas is a seasoned photographer and has travelled extensively with her business Dallas Love Photography, but had an immediate connection with our property. If you missed our post last time, make sure you go and check it out, because Dallas is certainly one super talented photographer! You can also check out the images from the last wedding Dallas Love Photography shoot at Branell Homestead here.

A note from Dallas –

The hillside cabins have a modern style with windows on either side of the living space, thus never hiding the views. The three bedroom cabins have a clever layout where each room is quite private but also allows for so much outdoor and indoor space to relax. A real treat is the swinging-chair on the verandah – I’m sure the most coveted spot to be!

Our piece of paradise

Recently we were lucky to have the very talented Dallas Love Photography at Branell Homestead to photograph a wedding. This was the first time Dallas had been to our property and we were overjoyed with her instant love of our piece of paradise. We were also blown away by the photos she captured of Jorjee and Alex’s wedding. Dallas has since been back to Branell for a relaxing stay with her husband and we were very fortunate that she wanted to explore Branell further and take some more photos! Here are some of our favourites of the Homestead and views over the property. Stay tuned for more images to come…

A note from Dallas –

My husband and I spent three days soaking in the sun at Branell Homestead and snapping photos around the property to share with you! Each of these days ended watching the sunset either on the jetty, Homestead veranda, or hillside cabin with the bird’s eye view of the valley. We even caught a full moon rise over the cabins, which was pretty spectacular.

Branell offers hillside cabins and Homestead Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Both are new builds and are bathed in light from dawn to dusk. However, both are quite different. The cabins are styled in a cozy modern fashion, while the Homestead has a wonderful vintage feel.

We were thrilled to stay in the Homestead for our visit to Branell – just our style… with genuine Aussie heritage and filled with antiques but also includes all the modern conveniences such as a home theatre. In the mornings and evenings we always found ourselves sitting out on the verandah, staring out over the landscape with the resident cheeky magpie.

I’m relatively new to Australia (immigrated from America as I married an Aussie) so I’ve been on a path of discovery and uncovering Queensland’s gems. I fell in love with Branell the moment I drove down the winding white fenced driveway and saw the rolling hills leading into the valley. I had yet to even see the reflection pond and jetty (I had to look up Aussie word for dock LOL!) or just how vast the hillside view would become once I reached the Homestead.

For a wedding, Branell is a one-stop shop for a variety of portrait settings. The old hay shed has a romantic rustic appeal – especially at sunset with newlyweds in around the hay… The surrounding mature trees (with swing) are also beautiful. There is no escaping those rolling hillsides at sunset though! As a wedding photographer, the hardest part is choosing between photographing the couple on the jetty, mango grove hillside with reflection pond view, the large tree in the field with waving grass or that romantic hay shed! I am looking forward to coming back and sharing some of the new amazing spots we’ve found with another bride and groom.

To see our last wedding at Branell visit: http://dallaslovephotography.com/?p=16563

The best things in life are sweet

We are very excited to tell you about a local Laidley business who may come in handy for your wedding at Branell Homestead. Baked by Brooke creates delicious masterpieces, with each cake individually designed. One thing we admire is that all of the ingredients are locally sourced and the batter is made from scratch (not a packet mix in sight)! We have been lucky enough to steal a few moments with Brooke to find out more about her business. She has also offered some great tips when choosing your wedding cake, so grab a cuppa (or an ice cold drink in this weather!) and have a read below…



Tell us a little about your business… Baked By Brooke is my home-based business, baking all things sweet, decadent and delicious! I truly enjoy turning the simplest of ingredients into something that makes you say “mmm, yum”, before you know the words have even come out of your mouth. My specialties are mudcakes and cupcakes, made using good old-fashioned recipes – some of which have been in my family for years. I bake with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and the eggs I use come from the happiest, most free-range chickens you will ever find, from a farm close by in Gatton.

When did you decide cakes were your passion? Baking is something I enjoyed from the time I was old enough to lick the beaters in my Mum’s kitchen! Growing up, there would always be home baked afternoon teas waiting for my siblings and I after school. Mum taught me how to bake in primary school and I’ve adored it ever since! I first tried making a decorative cake when I had no idea what to get my (now) husband for his birthday years ago. He is a photographer, so I made him a cake in the shape of a camera. My “trial” cake worked so well that he got his cake a week early!

What distinguishes you from your competitors? I’ve often been complimented on my cakes not only looking great, but tasting great as well. I’ve heard so many disappointing stories of cakes for special occasions that looked amazing, but were dry or bland to eat, and left on the plate. All my cakes, and buttercreams are made from scratch. Packet mixes and pre-mixes would be quicker, but they taste nothing like the real thing!

Favourite flavour? I have to admit I like cake mixture more than baked cake! It’s a little hard to give out scoops of cake batter at a party though, so when I’m selecting a flavour for my own celebration cakes, I go for cookie dough cheesecake or a mocha mudcake.

A favourite or funny memory from a previous event/client? I recently created a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for a gorgeous little boy’s first birthday. The cake took hours and hours of crafting and assembly and I was really happy with how he looked. I was sent some party photos of the cake after the event… in the final photo there had been a train wreck and Thomas’ face had been bitten off completely by the birthday boy’s older sister! At least I know Thomas was enjoyed 🙂

What advice would you give couple when thinking about a cake for their wedding? Firstly “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”. There are some stunning cakes that look smooth, elegant and classy, that are decorated with fondant icing (that’s the smooth icing you see on many wedding cakes), but do you like the taste of it? Many couples and their guests peel it off and eat just the cake – so why pay for something that you won’t eat?! Consider other styles and designs, too. Secondly, think about how your cake will be transported and stored leading up to your event or wedding. It only takes minutes in a warm car or room for a cake to become a hot mess, so plan ahead and crank the air-con in advance! Finally, I won’t use the line that the secret ingredient in a good cake is love, but you can tell when a cake maker loves what they do, and this shines through in the taste, texture and appearance of your cake.

Now don’t you wish you had a piece of one of Brooke’s cakes to go with your cup of tea! You can contact Brooke via her Facebook page or email. If you want to taste test some of her creations, she has a cupcake stall at the Laidley markets every Friday.


Luxury Cabin Accommodation


As you drive up the hill to Branell Homestead you will be able to see our three Nova Deco Luxury Cabins perched on the side of the hill. Each cabin offers unobstructed views over the Lockyer Valley which you can enjoy from your private deck. The sunsets are also pretty special. The cabins are all self sufficient with a full kitchen, living, dining, two bathrooms and laundry.


Each suite is private, but the main areas are shared. We have included a floor plan below so you can get an idea of their setup. They have a similar layout to a house and could be your new home away from home…

The suites can be booked individually, or you could take the whole cabin – the choice is yours. They are great for additional guest accommodation if you are getting married at Branell, because they are so close to the venue but far enough away for privacy.

You can find out more information about each suite by clicking the links below. We also have some virtual tours of each of the rooms so make sure you check them out.

> Premium Suite
> Deluxe Suite
> Standard Suite
> Cabin Features

For all bookings and enquiries please give us a call on 07 5465 1788 or email. You can also make a booking directly from our website.



The morning of…

It’s the morning of your wedding and you are full of a mix of different emotions – happiness, nervousness, excitement, anticipation and just plain pure joy. There has been so much planning leading up to the day and you have everything in place. If you are a list person you will be in your element because this is the best way to stay on top of everything and get a good nights sleep. Here are a couple of tips to make sure nothing is overlooked. (These are mainly directed at the bride because lets face it, they are the ones who will have the most going on!)

You can never be too organised. You will have lots of people involved who will all need to work together. Make sure you have your hair and makeup finished in plenty of time to get dressed, have your photographer take some photos, enjoy a glass of bubbly and relax. Make sure everyone knows what is going on so they are not having to check in with you every 5 minutes.

  • When you get dressed pre hair and make-up make sure you put on something with a zip or a silk robe (this is the perfect comfy and feminine option). Just make sure it does not need to come off over your head.
  • Check with your hairdresser and make-up artist to see how long they need for each person.
  • The space where you are getting ready needs lots of natural light.
  • Organise for someone to be in charge of deliveries – for example: the flowers and the cake.
  • Take the dresses out of the bags and hang them up. This is especially important for your wedding dress – it needs time to breathe! This will be a great opportunity for your photographer to take some snaps.

Food and Drink
It is important to stay hydrated and also have something in your stomach. EAT BREAKFAST! Smoothies are a great solution which tick both boxes. You definitely don’t want your tummy rumbling in the middle of your ceremony. Make sure you have enough for everyone. Fruit or sandwich platters are a good idea to munch on during the morning and can be easily prepared the evening before. According to stylecraze.com, these are the best fruits for glowing skin: bananas, lemons, oranges, apples and papaya.

Emergency Kit
Expect the unexpected and don’t panic. Think about everything that could go wrong and pack a kit that can fix all of these problems! You could include things like a sewing kit, scissors, tape, tweezers, extra pairs of stockings, mints, lip balm, moisturiser, pain killers, deodorant, spare toothbrush and toothpaste, nail file, safety pins, hairspray, cotton wool balls, straightener and hair dryer.

Let everyone take care of you. This is the one day you do not have to be thinking about anyone else.

  • Don’t worry about what the groom is doing. You can rest assured his morning will be much less busy than yours! He will most probably be watching TV or sport with his bridal party…
  • Take some music. Create a special playlist for the occasion.
  • Think positive and be yourself.
  • Breathe, laugh and have fun!
We love this selection of photos Just For Love Photography captured of Jade and Sam getting ready for their big day. These photos give the bride and groom an insight to each other’s time before the ceremony and are a wonderful addition to your wedding album. Jade was already on the property at the Homestead, while Sam got ready offsite and arrived at Branell for the ceremony.
~ The Bride ~


~ The Groom ~


Branell Site Map

We have a very unique set up at Branell Homestead. It is often very hard to explain the layout of our property over the phone which is why we encourage people to come out for a visit. Situated on 80 picturesque acres of both farming and bushland, the property offers the perfect setting for a quiet weekend away or to celebrate your wedding. We have developed the site map below which will hopefully make things a little clearer.


We have three distinct areas on the property – The Homestead, Pavilion and Luxury Cabins. The Homestead and Pavilion are the hub of activity on the day of an event. Our covered Pavilion overlooks the dam and offers a private space for wedding receptions, corporate event or parties. Our three luxury cabins are located on a hilltop offering spectacular views over the Lockyer Valley. Imagine sitting on the deck with a glass of wine to watch the sun set – we think this is a pretty good way to spend an afternoon!

If you would like to come out for an appointment to get a feel for Branell first hand, you can make a booking via the home page of the website. Or if you would like to talk to one of our professional team, please do not hesitate to call us on 07 5465 1788.

Make sure you look out for following posts over the next couple of weeks, which will provide details on the accommodation floor plans and Pavilion area.

Ceremony by the Homestead

The other popular location couples use for their ceremonies is on the lawn in front of the Homestead. This spot has fantastic views over the Lockyer Valley and the Branell property. Guests can move out on to the lawn for the ceremony, then head back to the verandah for nibbles while the photos are taking place.

Weddings at Branell are unique. Imagine being given the freedom to create the best day of your life, exactly how you want it to be. You know what style of wedding you are after, you’ve been dreaming of this day for years! We’ll loan you the entire 80 acres, the Homestead and the Wedding Pavilion for a couple of days. But most importantly, we’ll give you the freedom you need to turn your fairytale dream into a reality.

You can book an appointment to view the property and meet with one of our event specialists. Head to our website and click on the ‘Book an Appointment’ button in the top right.

Photographer: Sunlit Studios

Photographer: Sunlit Studios

Photographer: Sunlit Studios

Photographer: Sunlit Studios

Photographer: Byron Loves Fawn

Photographer: Byron Loves Fawn

Ceremony features white Tiffany chairs

Ceremony features white Tiffany chairs

Overlooking the Lockyer Valley

Overlooking the Lockyer Valley

Homestead verandah - Anna Osetroff Photography

Homestead verandah – Anna Osetroff Photography

Wedding Love Photography

Wedding Love Photography