Sunshine and Happiness

There is nothing like a punch of yellow to make you feel happy and positive! Often teamed with navy blue and/or grey, it can create a very smart palette for your wedding.

We have found the below information on a great website called Bride Online.

  • Yellow: Generally symbolises wisdom, happiness and intellectual energy. Yellow is also a very imaginative colour and chosen by those seeking self-fulfillment and adventure. People with good senses of humour often tend towards yellow and other personality traits yellow can represent are curiosity, awareness, and those who are driven and focused.
  • Light yellow: Intellect, joy and freshness.
  • Dull yellow: Caution, sickness and decay. (In saying this though, if  dull yellow is teamed with some bold contrasting colours it would look fantastic!)


Branell Homestead has sourced all of the images from a range of websites online.

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