The morning of…

It’s the morning of your wedding and you are full of a mix of different emotions – happiness, nervousness, excitement, anticipation and just plain pure joy. There has been so much planning leading up to the day and you have everything in place. If you are a list person you will be in your element because this is the best way to stay on top of everything and get a good nights sleep. Here are a couple of tips to make sure nothing is overlooked. (These are mainly directed at the bride because lets face it, they are the ones who will have the most going on!)

You can never be too organised. You will have lots of people involved who will all need to work together. Make sure you have your hair and makeup finished in plenty of time to get dressed, have your photographer take some photos, enjoy a glass of bubbly and relax. Make sure everyone knows what is going on so they are not having to check in with you every 5 minutes.

  • When you get dressed pre hair and make-up make sure you put on something with a zip or a silk robe (this is the perfect comfy and feminine option). Just make sure it does not need to come off over your head.
  • Check with your hairdresser and make-up artist to see how long they need for each person.
  • The space where you are getting ready needs lots of natural light.
  • Organise for someone to be in charge of deliveries – for example: the flowers and the cake.
  • Take the dresses out of the bags and hang them up. This is especially important for your wedding dress – it needs time to breathe! This will be a great opportunity for your photographer to take some snaps.

Food and Drink
It is important to stay hydrated and also have something in your stomach. EAT BREAKFAST! Smoothies are a great solution which tick both boxes. You definitely don’t want your tummy rumbling in the middle of your ceremony. Make sure you have enough for everyone. Fruit or sandwich platters are a good idea to munch on during the morning and can be easily prepared the evening before. According to, these are the best fruits for glowing skin: bananas, lemons, oranges, apples and papaya.

Emergency Kit
Expect the unexpected and don’t panic. Think about everything that could go wrong and pack a kit that can fix all of these problems! You could include things like a sewing kit, scissors, tape, tweezers, extra pairs of stockings, mints, lip balm, moisturiser, pain killers, deodorant, spare toothbrush and toothpaste, nail file, safety pins, hairspray, cotton wool balls, straightener and hair dryer.

Let everyone take care of you. This is the one day you do not have to be thinking about anyone else.

  • Don’t worry about what the groom is doing. You can rest assured his morning will be much less busy than yours! He will most probably be watching TV or sport with his bridal party…
  • Take some music. Create a special playlist for the occasion.
  • Think positive and be yourself.
  • Breathe, laugh and have fun!
We love this selection of photos Just For Love Photography captured of Jade and Sam getting ready for their big day. These photos give the bride and groom an insight to each other’s time before the ceremony and are a wonderful addition to your wedding album. Jade was already on the property at the Homestead, while Sam got ready offsite and arrived at Branell for the ceremony.
~ The Bride ~


~ The Groom ~


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