The Thrill You Can Feel


Each week we will have the honour of hearing from an industry professional, who will provide general information about their business and some tips to couples just about to start planning their big day. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming trying to book everything for your wedding, let alone knowing what questions to ask! We are hoping our Wedding Professional Showcase series of blogs will give you a good head start.

So you would like to make a grand entrance? One which makes your guests oooh and ahhh and keep them talking for many years to come. Not to mention, you need to feel like a movie star. This week we would like to introduce Captain Mike Jarvis from Pterodactyl Helicopters – the thrill you can feel.


Tell us a little about you and your business 
I get asked the ‘what do we do’ question all the time and I have finally come up with a one paragraph description:
We are so much more than just another helicopter company. Our footprint covers Brisbane, Ipswich, scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Somerset, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Logan. Under this huge area, lies hundreds of fantastic venues, some well-known, others not. What we do, is gather a selection of the best and over one or two days create a fantastic adventure that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

What types of packages do you offer for weddings?
Weddings are a very peculiar beast. So many different things that have to come together on one day with precision timing, and the weather does not make it easy. I guess that’s why brides can be like Godzilla. What we do is we try to include everything from the ground transport to the chopper with wine on arrival. The deposit covers the limo to make then entire journey if the weather turns bad and if the weather is good they pay the balance a few days out and off we go. This process makes the transport component a no brainer for the bride (or groom).

What happens once a couple books you for their wedding?
We make them feel like the celebrities they are, making the entire process simple and easy. We have a number of different limo companies that look after our events. The couple pays us, we do the rest.

This is what Amy Davis said about her wedding:
Absolutely amazing! I arranged for my wedding arrival with my 3 bridesmaids, my mother and myself with a massive 4kg wedding dress. Leading up to the event I corresponded via email with Capt Mike, who totally made me feel more famous then Kylie Minogue! He even arranged a super stretch limo to pick us up with champagne and don’t forget the red carpet! Then he lets me know 3 days before I’m actually getting not one but two helicopters (no extra charge) in the air for at least 30 minutes – the best day of my life!

What other services do you offer?
We do anything from adrenalin to romance and everything in between. You think it, we can do it. We partner with 46 other venues and attractions to do whatever you want.

One favourite/funny memory from an event?
I received a phone call from a bloke and his mate at 2:00am wanting to do a joy ride. We did it, but waited until the sun came up. Everyone that works for us and everything we do is ALL about the customer experience from the first phone call to the post event correspondence we send out. It’s not so much what we do but HOW we do it!


If you are interested in making a flying entrance, head to Pterodactyl Helicopters’ website to read further information on their wedding/event services. Alternatively, you can contact Captain Mike via email, FacebookTwitter or the contact form on the website. Go on, live life on the wild side!

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