Local Touch: Hair & Makeup Studio


Each week we will have the honour of hearing from an industry professional, who will provide general information about their business and some tips to couples just about to start planning their big day. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming trying to book everything for your wedding, let alone knowing what questions to ask! We are hoping our Wedding Professional Showcase series of blogs will give you a good head start.

This week we would like to introduce stylist Ellen Jensen from locally based Birds & Fellas Hair Studio. Ellen has been in the industry for a number of years and has a passion for wedding styling. Her insight and expertise will give you the piece of mind to know every detail will be perfect on the day.

What makeup/hair looks and styles do you recommend? 
I really enjoy wedding styling and making brides feel ready for their big day. I love natural looks with soft pinned curls and natural makeup.

How long do you allow for each person for make up and hair?
I allow around 45 minutes for an upstyle and 20-30 minutes for makeup.

Favourite colour combinations?
I love pastels and soft greys on the eyes and neutral gloss, or a real pop of colour with minimum eyes! There are so many different colours to choose from, so we are sure to find a combination which accents your features.

Are there any challenges you face?
I have been very lucky with my brides and mostly things run smoothly. Every wedding, bride and bridal party is unique.

Do you often get asked to match makeup finishes from photographs or magazines? Is this easy to do?
Yes! You can always have something similar but let’s face it, no one has the same hair or facial features and some models in magazines have probably had 5 hours spent on their hair and makeup. Definitely bring your photos along, but just make sure you have realistic expectations. I can work my magic though!

What is one piece of advice you would give to brides?
Go for a soft look. Remember you have to look at your photos for many years to come. It is nice to still look natural and not over the top when your family and friends see you getting married.


Photography has been sourced from Birds & Fellas Hair Studio Facebook page. Photographers have been credited on the original photos.

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