Fable House Films


Each week we will have the honour of hearing from an industry professional, who will provide general information about their business and some tips to couples just about to start planning their big day. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming trying to book everything for your wedding, let alone knowing what questions to ask! We are hoping our Wedding Professional Showcase series of blogs will give you a good head start.

Fable House Films are a professional film production and photographic business. They offer a range of packages which will capture all of the special moments of your day.  Wedding videos are a perfect way to see all of the emotion and joy of your wedding day, even things you might have missed. You will be able to look back over these memories for years to come.


Tell us a little about your business…
We are Fable House Films and we specialise in wedding videography. We are two ladies who love to tell stories through film and there is no greater story than a love story.

How would you describe your style?
Our style is typically cinematic videography with bright, crisp footage however, we are happy to adapt our style to one that our bridal couples may request.

What parts of the wedding day do you capture?
Each wedding day is unique and each couple have their own preferences for what they would like captured. We offer several different packages and can tailor make our coverage for each couple. Our most popular wedding package covers the bride and groom getting ready in the morning, coverage of the ceremony, filming of highlights at after photos and reception coverage.

How does the whole process work? (from planning, to event, to post production)
We always request to have a meeting with our brides and grooms in the weeks or months prior to their wedding to sit down and answer any questions they may have, to explain our process and to work out a timeline with them for their wedding day. On the big day, we aim to be discreet while capturing unique and intimate moments but we also love to have a laugh and help the bridal party relax and enjoy the day.

One favourite/funny memory from a wedding?
In every wedding there is always a build up to the ceremony and the anticipation for a groom to see his bride for the first time can be emotional. The bride doesn’t always see her partners reaction and yet, it’s the only one that really matters. This is just one of the countless moments in a wedding that we love to capture for our couples and one that we’re sure they love watching back for years to come.

What is one piece of advice you would give couples when thinking about their wedding video?
When planning your wedding video, it is important to consider getting the most out of the daylight. This might involve choosing a location where you have little to no travel time. A location where you may be able to get ready, have your ceremony and reception all in one and in doing so, allow more time after your ceremony to capture the precious moments as a new husband and wife.

Check out some of Fable House’s handy work of Jake and Katie’s wedding:

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