You don’t take a photograph, you ask quietly to borrow it


Each week we will have the honour of hearing from an industry professional, who will provide general information about their business and some tips to couples just about to start planning their big day. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming trying to book everything for your wedding, let alone knowing what questions to ask! We are hoping our Wedding Professional Showcase series of blogs will give you a good head start.

This is a cracker of a blog post! Geraldine from MyLense Photography Studio has provided us with some great ‘insider’ information to consider when thinking about your wedding photography. The passion Geraldine has for photography is clearly evident in her portfolio, which demonstrates a diverse range of styles and techniques. Nothing is too much trouble and if you value the personal  approach you will love working with Geraldine, because she loves what she does, and she really wants you to love what she does  too.

Tell us a little about your business
It was with great anticipation and excitement that I began operating my photography business under the banner of MyLense Photography (now MyLense Photography Studio) on 18th January, 2010. My vision was that it would become a popular studio for wedding, newborn, maternity and portrait photography, attracting customers with natural images, captured in a loving, caring atmosphere. My much-loved Grandfather’s passion was about all things photographic, and my work, and love of photography, is his legacy.

MyLense Photography has become well-known for providing a superior experience for individuals and families in the studio and for friendliness and care photographing weddings, that results in those clients becoming real friends long after their wedding day. This is achieved by:

      • A modern, beautifully presented studio that is kept immaculate
      • Music that creates an ambience and peacefulness within the studio itself
      • Food and beverages are offered as a complimentary extra, especially for extended sessions such as maternity or newborn shoots.
      • A well-equipped studio with a large variety of props for creative photographic work.
      • Provision of props that can be used when photographing weddings to add something special to the romance of the day.
      • By seeking acceptance as a fully accredited member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) and having now been a member with honours for 3 years.

Creating a unique style of my own that people have come to know and to seek out, when looking for a professional photographer. “MyLense Photography” goes way beyond the normal expectations for exceptional customer service. I was honoured to receive the Lismore Chamber of Commerce, Home-Based business of the Year Award for 2013. Basically I am a very calm and unflustered person and this is reflected in my work. My customers invariably comment on these attributes when writing testimonials.My turnaround for having the finished product delivered to the customer, is very quick, thanks to hard work and dedication. I know my clients appreciate this.


Customers view “MyLense Photography Studio” as a luxury item, where the value lies in the professional and creative capturing of rare and precious moments in life. I aim to create an atmosphere of calm and open-minded neutrality, that brings out, and captures the true nature of my customers. I take a genuine interest in my customers and in their personalities. This undoubtedly makes them feel secure and relaxed, resulting in exceptional images. I guess, sensitivity is the key to the rapport I feel I build with my customers.

How would you describe your style?
Classy, Creative, Classic! My marketing logo, and one that I aim for with all my work. As photography is a visual entity, I always use my images to help promote my work.

What distinguishes your work from other photographers?
I try to re-invent my photography by trying different poses with each shoot, by using my own imagination a lot of the time so that I am maintaining a uniqueness to my work, by becoming familiar with new methods of editing that can enhance and individualise images. Although I deliver colour images most of the time, I love to include monochrome images as well. There is something so timeless about black and white images. Sepia always gives an old-worldly feel to images also, and I love to work with those too. Wedding clients appreciate having variety with their images.


Digital or film?
Despite the value of film work, all my work is digital. I find it delivers beautiful results, and the camera equipment I use has exceptional quality. I am very happy to work in a field of digital images.

What is your favourite time of day to photograph weddings and why?
Weddings are a wonderful way to showcase creativity and skill in the area of photography, while providing couples with priceless memories of their magical day. Most weddings are scheduled about mid to late afternoon, and this often leads into the witching, dusk time of day-a beautiful time of day to take advantage of long, low shadows and soft afternoon light.  However, an early morning wedding can provide equally beautiful lighting. As with all photographers, I am not keen on the period of time through the middle of the day, but have photographed weddings at this time and you work with that.

What advice do you give couples when thinking about their wedding photography?
The funniest, and very endearing shots always come from the children who are either in the wedding party, or guests. The photo of the little girl pinching the cheeks of the page boy was right in the middle of the very solemn vows. These are the shots that people love included in their wedding day record.


Rain is always a concern, but some of my most beautiful images have been taken on rainy days. The possibility for unique shots is great and the pearly grey skies make those shots so beautiful.

When thinking about your wedding photography, perhaps most importantly, request that your guests relax and enjoy your wedding, without feeling the necessity of taking photos themselves. You are paying for a professional photographer to document your day, and it can detract from their involvement in your special day. Because all my packages have a USB as part of the package, you can organise prints for them to have as keepsakes. Having your friends and family view and listen to your wedding through an ipad or mobile phone, or point and shoot camera, is not ideal really. Also, meet with your photographer ahead of the wedding day. You will feel a connection on the day, if you have had some time to plan together.

Your wedding day, my vision and professional approach to capturing the moment, equals images to love for the years ahead. I am happy to travel and although based in the picturesque Northern Rivers of NSW, I have photographed weddings in Southern Queensland and as far away as the Northern Territory.


2 thoughts on “You don’t take a photograph, you ask quietly to borrow it

  1. It was my absolute pleasure to photograph a wedding here at Branell Homestead. Thank you to everyone involved in the creating and maintaining of this stunning wedding venue. I must mention also, how great it was to work alongside the girls from Teneale Hahn Makeup Artist. Lovely girls and they did an excellent job with the wedding party. This blog for my business is very much appreciated.


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