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Each week we will have the honour of hearing from an industry professional, who will provide general information about their business and some tips to couples just about to start planning their big day. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming trying to book everything for your wedding, let alone knowing what questions to ask! We are hoping our Wedding Professional Showcase series of blogs will give you a good head start.

This week we would like to introduce makeup artist Tyneale Hahn, a bridal and event specialist who has been a part of a large number of weddings at Branell. Originally commencing her career with her love of bridal and events, Tyneale quickly included airbrushing in her skill set. She is now renowned for her classic style and caring professional nature, a perfectionist at heart.

What makeup looks and styles do you recommend for bridal?
On your Wedding Day it’s important to still feel like you, but your best self. Personally I love the vintage/understated elegance/classic approach to wedding day makeup. It allows you to truly shine on your perfect day so your groom and guests aren’t looking through a heap of makeup to find you.

How long do you allow for each person to be made up?
I allow 40 minutes per person on the day, which is plenty of time to complete the application as well as a bit extra. Extra time means no rushing for anybody! I will add, on the day you get the ‘let’s get down to business Tyneale’. I am there to focus on the Bride and her nearest and dearest or in some cases I am on Team Groom, and taking care of Mothers, Sisters, Cousins and Nana.

Favourite colour combinations?
I always like to ask about other colours, jewellery and details that will feature on the day, thinking about things in a ‘whole picture’ kind of way. At present, I love a soft flushed cheek, hint of colour to the lip and highlight with definition to the eyes. The eyes hold so much emotion on a wedding day, they deserve to be framed perfectly!

Are there any challenges you face?
I am very lucky to have such wonderful and beautiful clients, the only real challenges I face are helping Brides choose between looks if there are a selection that they love. I allow a longer appointment for trials so I am able to meet and get to know my Bride as well as discuss in detail what she may love and what she doesn’t!

Do you often get asked to match makeup finishes from photographs or magazines? Is this easy to do?
I do! Almost every Bride will have a selection of pictures they like parts of. The best advice I can give is when looking for inspiration for your wedding day look is to look for images that have similar face shapes and complextion to yourself. This will give you the best chance of achieving your chosen look with minimal adjustments. I love working with my Brides to design their look. I wouldn’t say it’s easy, every face is both different and beautiful in it’s own way. After 7 years in this industry there isn’t much I can’t find a solution for. I have also had my work feature on wedding blogs. It is the biggest compliment when you are presented with your own image and the Bride says ‘I want to look like her’.

One favourite/funny memory from a wedding?
I have many memories from past weddings – I get to know people very well and very quickly. It’s such a privilege to be trusted with their look on such a precious day! I am often the butt of jokes (or the stories of my children are!) it helps calm nerves, everybody loves a laugh! There have been a few wedding parties that are equally funny/crazy/happy like me, it’s always sad to leave when I am finished!

What is one piece of advice you would give to brides?
My advice to future Brides would be, your wedding day is one day. A very important day but the gate way to your future life and happiness. Try not to let the finer details stress and distract you so you can be present in every moment. Book vendors you can put your trust in and make all your decisions before the day so you are not second guessing  your choices hours before saying ‘I Do’. Many vendors be it photographers, hairstylists, makeup artist, florists etc will have a particular style to their work. Source your vendors around your chosen style and you will never be disappointed!

There is nothing better than a strong and positive client testimonial. Tyneale has nothing but glowing reports from brides who have shared their thoughts below.


NEXT WEEK: Wendy Maley Photography

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