Autumn Colours

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in the Lockyer Valley. The cooler mornings entice you to find that little patch of sun to drink your coffee, the days are beautiful and the sunsets are vibrant and filled with romance… the perfect time of year for a wedding.
Colour is a very personal choice and can be inspired by a number of things, like nostalgia, tradition, seasonal trends, a photograph or simply a favourite scheme. Certain colour combinations can add warmth, create a powerful impact or be a subtle feature. Many weddings showcase the traditional richness of autumn tones like warm orange, garnet and a hint of gold, but this is slowly being replaced with vintage-inspired palettes. The use of black with a strong accent colour of emerald or ruby is also proving popular. Or, why not consider a rustic approach which utilises natural or pastel colours in combination with texture and the natural surroundings.
The starting point for colour choice varies. Below are a couple of examples to get you thinking. Just remember to settle on something you are comfortable with, which may even be a reflection of your personalities.

Wedding of Tony and Lauren Harris | Venue: Branell Homestead | Wendy Maley Photography

This vintage inspired setting looks stunning on the rustic Branell Homestead property. The pastel colours of the flowers add a feminine touch to the natural brown runners, lace  and wooden features.

Wedding of Tony and Lauren Harris | Venue: Branell Homestead | Wendy Maley Photography

Who says the bride gets to miss out on all of the colour fun! These orange shoes and jacket not only look classy, but compliment the bouquet perfectly.


Featured on: 100 Layer Cake | Photography: Erin Milnik | Flowers: April Flowers

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