Cabin Construction: Part 2

More supplies arrived, more building is accomplished and the finer details completed.

Stage 4: Preparation for the roof
Scaffolding arrives so that the three roof structures can be constructed. All of the timber needed to be sanded and painted before the construction could begin. Troy and Dad worked endlessly getting everything prepared.


Stage 5: The roof construction begins
The roof work is definitely not for the faint hearted, but the view is breath-taking.


Stage 6: The finishing touches
The roof sheeting is fixed in to place, the fencing goes up, the walkways to each of the cabins are completed, the gardens are planted and the insides are fitted out with modern and contemporary furnishings. Troy is the style guru when it comes to interior design!


We hope you enjoyed the photo gallery of our cabin construction story. We love to hear what you think of the cabins. Make sure you keep an eye out for the launch of our Facebook competition. You could win yourself the amazing prize of coming to stay in one of our luxury cabins!



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