Cabin Construction: Part 1

What a journey we have been on to get our cabins constructed and all of the fine details perfected. Over two weeks, we wanted to show you the different stages of labour and love that went in to the construction of the accommodation and the people that helped us along the way.

nova_dekoWe sourced our cabins from Nova Deko, who make an exclusive range of stylish, contemporary prefabricated modular homes (also called container homes or transportable homes). The team at Nova Deko have been wonderful to deal with and have far exceeded our expectations. The company aims to be at the forefront in housing technology and is committed to achieving affordable, sustainable housing. They are currently working with UNSW to develop new housing technologies to reduce their carbon footprint. The ultimate goal is to produce a fully sustainable home that doesn’t need to be connected to any external services such as power, water or sewerage. This collaboration will cement Nova Deko’s position as leaders in their industry and allow them to bring their customers the most advanced, environmentally sustainable products in the world.

Stage 1: Preparing the land
We love this photo – our little boy Hayden, looking out over the view while standing on the edge of the crane pad for the new cabins.


Stage 2: Nova Deko cabins arrive
It took just one day for the crane to move all three of our new three bedroom accommodation homes on to their posts. The electrical work began and the timber arrived for construction. A total of 220 metres of electrical cable was laid.

Stage 3: The deck begins to take shape
Troy and a supportive team of family and friends built all of the decks and external awnings. What a view Troy had while he worked on the decks – not a bad office! The sandstone also arrived for the driveway, garden edging and entrances to each cabin.


Stay tuned for the second part of the story next week. Make sure you keep an eye out for the launch of our Facebook competition. You could win yourself the amazing prize of coming to stay in one of our luxury cabins!


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